Coolnerds HTML Special Characters

Your HTML pages can contain special characters that aren't readily available from the keyboard. To insert such a character, type the code shown in the "What To Type" column into your document source, wherever you want the character to appear. For example, typing © into your document source displays a copyright symbol (෨en the page is viewed with a web browser.

Char Name of Char What to Type Alternate
" quotation mark " "
& ampersand & &
< less-than sign &lt; &#60;
> greater-than sign &gt; &#62;
  non-breaking space &nbsp; &#160;
ﴤ> inverted exclamation &iexcl; &#161;
ﴤ> cent sign &cent; &#162;
ﴤ> pound sterling &pound; &#163;
ﴤ> general currency sign &curren; &#164;
ﴤ> yen sign &yen; &#165;
ﴤ> broken vertical bar &brvbar; &#166;
ﴤ> section sign &sect; &#167;
ﴤ> umlaut (dieresis) &uml; &#168;
ﴤ> copyright &copy; &#169;
ﴤ> feminine ordinal &ordf; &#170;
ﴤ> left angle quote, guillemotleft &laquo; &#171;
ﴤ> not sign &not; &#172;
ﴤ> soft hyphen &shy; &#173;
ﴤ> registered trademark &reg; &#174;
ﴤ> macron accent &macr; &#175;
ﴤ> degree sign &deg; &#176;
ﴤ> plus or minus &plusmn; &#177;
ﴤ> superscript two &sup2; &#178;
ﴤ> superscript three &sup3; &#179;
ﴤ> acute accent &acute; &#180;
ﴤ> micro sign &micro; &#181;
ﴤ> paragraph sign &para; &#182;
ﴤ> middle dot &middot; &#183;
ﴤ> cedilla &cedil; &#184;
ﴤ> superscript one &sup1; &#185;
ﴤ> masculine ordinal &ordm; &#186;
ﴤ> right angle quote, guillemotright &raquo; &#187;
ﴤ> fraction one-fourth &frac14; &#188;
ﴤ> fraction one-half &frac12; &#189;
ﴤ> fraction three-fourths &frac34; &#190;
ﴤ> inverted question mark &iquest; &#191;
capital A, grave accent &Agrave; &#192;
|/td> capital A, acute accent &Aacute; &#193;
¼/td> capital A, circumflex accent &Acirc; &#194;
ü/td> capital A, tilde &Atilde; &#195;
ļ/td> capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark &Auml; &#196;
ż/td> capital A, ring &Aring; &#197;
Ƽ/td> capital AE diphthong (ligature) &AElig; &#198;
Ǽ/td> capital C, cedilla &Ccedil; &#199;
ȼ/td> capital E, grave accent &Egrave; &#200;
ɼ/td> capital E, acute accent &Eacute; &#201;
ʼ/td> capital E, circumflex accent &Ecirc; &#202;
˼/td> capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark &Euml; &#203;
̼/td> capital I, grave accent &Igrave; &#204;
ͼ/td> capital I, acute accent &Iacute; &#205;
μ/td> capital I, circumflex accent &Icirc; &#206;
ϼ/td> capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark &Iuml; &#207;
м/td> capital Eth, Icelandic &ETH; &#208;
Ѽ/td> capital N, tilde &Ntilde; &#209;
Ҽ/td> capital O, grave accent &Ograve; &#210;
Ӽ/td> capital O, acute accent &Oacute; &#211;
Լ/td> capital O, circumflex accent &Ocirc; &#212;
ռ/td> capital O, tilde &Otilde; &#213;
ּ/td> capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark &Ouml; &#214;
׼/td> multiply sign &times; &#215;
ؼ/td> capital O, slash &Oslash; &#216;
ټ/td> capital U, grave accent &Ugrave; &#217;
ڼ/td> capital U, acute accent &Uacute; &#218;
ۼ/td> capital U, circumflex accent &Ucirc; &#219;
ܼ/td> capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark &Uuml; &#220;
ݼ/td> capital Y, acute accent &Yacute; &#221;
޼/td> capital THORN, Icelandic &THORN; &#222;
߼/td> small sharp s, German (sz ligature) &szlig; &#223;
༯td> small a, grave accent &agrave; &#224;
Ἧtd> small a, acute accent &aacute; &#225;
⼯td> small a, circumflex accent &acirc; &#226;
㼯td> small a, tilde &atilde; &#227;
伯td> small a, dieresis or umlaut mark &auml; &#228;
弯td> small a, ring &aring; &#229;
漯td> small ae diphthong (ligature) &aelig; &#230;
缯td> small c, cedilla &ccedil; &#231;
輯td> small e, grave accent &egrave; &#232;
鼯td> small e, acute accent &eacute; &#233;
꼯td> small e, circumflex accent &ecirc; &#234;
뼯td> small e, dieresis or umlaut mark &euml; &#235;
켯td> small i, grave accent &igrave; &#236;
td> small i, acute accent &iacute; &#237;
td> small i, circumflex accent &icirc; &#238;
Otd> small i, dieresis or umlaut mark &iuml; &#239;
쯴d> small eth, Icelandic &eth; &#240;
쯴d> small n, tilde &ntilde; &#241;
쯴d> small o, grave accent &ograve; &#242;
쯴d> small o, acute accent &oacute; &#243;
쯴d> small o, circumflex accent &ocirc; &#244;
쯴d> small o, tilde &otilde; &#245;
쯴d> small o, dieresis or umlaut mark &ouml; &#246;
쯴d> division sign &divide; &#247;
ﴤ> small o, slash &oslash; &#248;
ﴤ> small u, grave accent &ugrave; &#249;
ﴤ> small u, acute accent &uacute; &#250;
ﴤ> small u, circumflex accent &ucirc; &#251;
ﴤ> small u, dieresis or umlaut mark &uuml; &#252;
ﴤ> small y, acute accent &yacute; &#253;
ﴤ> small thorn, Icelandic &thorn; &#254;
ﴤ> small y, dieresis or umlaut mark &yuml; &#255;

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